Training and Research Visa Subclass 407

The Training Visa is also called the ‘Opportunity’ Visa. It is a temporary Visa for up to 2 years. The Training Visa is similar to an Employer Sponsored Visa, only that employment is substituted with training.

There are 3 streams of occupational training

Occupational Training for a required registration

Occupational Training to enhance skills

Only for South Australia; pilot for 1 year

Occupational training for capacity building overseas

Most used

In all three streams, the Sponsor needs to nominate the applicant in a relevant and eligible occupation. This varies if the sponsor is a Commonwealth Government agency.

Requirements for the Temporary Activity Sponsor

  • Business is actively and lawfully trading
  • Several different types of business can qualify including government and private
  • No adverse information known to the Department
  • Applicant has the capacity to comply with sponsorship obligations

Requirements for Applicants

  • Functional English
  • Enhancing Skills pathway: applicant must have equivalent of at least 12 months of full-time experience in the nominated occupation within 24 months prior nomination application date
  • Meet Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement
  • Adequate funds or access to adequate funds for support during stay
  • Appropriate health cover

The Training Visa requires a Training plan which is pivotal to the success of the Nomination. It must be structured workplace training program specifically tailored to the training needs and training duration for the nominee.

The Training Visa is a great option to gain relevant work experience to qualify for permanent visas in the future.

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