July 8, 2024

Are you considering Skilled Migration in Australia?

This article covers subclasses 189 (Skilled Independent Visa), 190 (Skilled Nominated Visa) and 491 (Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa). Get an overview of all skilled visas here.

Learn about the requirements and get exclusive insights about visa eligibility criteria so you can accelerate your career and work in one of the best economies of the world!



Australia’s skilled migration program typically targets individuals within a certain age bracket to contribute their skills and experience to the country’s workforce. Currently, the age limit is 45.

If you are older – relax! There are other visa options available that still lead to PR. We recommend to book a consultation so we can conduct a personalised in-depth assessment.



This is a crucial step in the process as you cannot proceed without obtaining a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority in your occupation. You are required to demonstrate your qualifications and work experience.

There are many occupations on the skills list and it is very important to pick the most suitable one for you. If you are uncertain, we recommend to book a consultation with our Migration Team

Key factors to consider Skilled Migration to Australia


Proving your English language proficiency is essential for a successful migration. IELTS, PTE, and other recognised tests are widely accepted. The minimum score for skilled visas is 6.0 in each band for competent English. The higher your score, the higher your points.


The Points Test assigns scores based on factors such as age, educational qualifications, work experience, English proficiency, and other relevant criteria. A minimum score is required to qualify. Currently, applicants require at least 65 points. The higher your points, the better your chances to get invited and make your application. During our consultation process, we will assess your points so you have certainty before wasting time and money.

Key factors to consider Skilled Migration to Australia


Submitting an EOI through SkillSelect is mandatory to express your interest in skilled migration. It helps the Australian government assess your eligibility for an invitation to apply for a visa. Some occupations are very competitive and require a high points score, for example accountants. During the consultation with our Migration Team, we will explain how you can increase your points!


Certain occupations and visa subclasses may require a nomination from an Australian state or territory government. It is part of our consultation process to advise about the specific requirements and opportunities available.

Key factors to consider Skilled Migration to Australia

Remember, each visa subclass and occupation may have additional requirements. It is essential, you are aware of all the criteria before you start the application. For certainty and the best chances of success, invest in a consultation with our migration specialists.

Stay informed and get advice from our experienced migration experts for personalised guidance throughout your Skilled Migration journey.


For in-depth personalised information book a consultation with us today! Contact us today!

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